About Hi-Tech Associates

Hi-Tech Associates was originally set-up in 1980 as an Information Technology training company, but since then we have expanded our portfolio to include training services in such areas as Management Development, Engineering Skills, Construction, and Transport.

All our tutors have both technical and training qualifications together with real world experience. For over 30 years, we have provided training services and programmes under contract to ETB (previously FAS), Mandate Trade Union, Skillnet, International Fund for Ireland (Springboard and Wider Horizons), Construction Industry Federation (CIF), Fasttrack to Information Technology (FIT), Labour Market Education & Training Fund (LMETF), and many private companies.
We manage and train in excess of 300 people per annum on classroom, on-line and blended courses.

Following a tendering process by the Office of Government Procurement (OGP) to establish a Framework Agreement for Contracted Training Services by the Education and Training Boards, we became one of five prime training providers in four ETB regions. We are ranked number one in Engineering Skills/Construction, Information Technology Skills/Engineering (IT) Skills; Transport; and Core Personal Skills.

Our Mission

Provide a centre of excellence by attracting and retaining key staff, to deliver high end, quality courses across multiple disciplines. Enable our clients through the attainment of industry recognised certifications and assist them in their pursuit of full time, rewarding and engaging employment.

Our Vision

Analyse the labour market to forecasts trends, identify employer requirements and growth areas. Build new courses that will satisfy market requirements. Prepare our client base to be successful into the future. Adapt our practices accordingly to stay aligned with a changing world, now and into the future.

Learning today, for tomorrow’s world