274930 –  Welding/Fabrication

Programme Aim

The aim of the course is to provide the trainees with the skills and related knowledge in fabrication – basic skills, manual metal arc welding, oxy-acetylene welding, MIG welding and to develop their attitudes, personal effectiveness and job seeking skills which will enable them to obtain employment as welders/fabricators.

Entry Requirements

  • Education: Junior Certificate standard or its equivalent.
  • Aptitude: Good numerical aptitude Good spatial aptitude Good manual dexterity Good motor co-ordination
  • Previous Experience: N/A

Course Content

TitleAwardAwarding Body
Fabrication Basic Skills Platework Fabrication of Materials (2850-313) City & Guilds
Manual Metal Arc Welding MMA Fillet Weld (EN9606-1CS01) Approved EN Certifying Body
M.I.G. Welding MIG/MAG Weld (EN9606-1CS10) Approved EN Certifying Body
Oxy-Acetylene Welding Oxy-Acetylene Weld (EN9606-1CS11) Approved EN Certifying Body
TIG Stainless Steel Weld (TIG) Stainless Steel Weld (EN9606-1SS01) Approved EN Certifying Body
TIG Aluminium Weld (TIG) Aluminium Weld (EN9606-1AL01) Approved EN Certifying Body

Learning outcomes

Select and mount Abrasive Wheels safely in accordance with current and relevant safety legislation and guidance documentation HSG 17.
Use the following machines and tools that are associated with welding in a safe and proper method: a) Angle Grinder. b) Bench Grinder. c) Belt Sanders. d) Band Saw.
Weld arc fillet welds in horizontal, vertical and overhead positions to complete ‘lapp fillet’, ‘tee fillet’ and ‘butt’ joints.
Weld mild steel plate and pipe.
Weld mild steel lap joints, tee joints and outside corner joints in the 2F and 3F position.
Read and interpret basic technical drawing.
Weld mild steel, stainless steel and aluminium plate in horizontal, vertical and overhead positions to complete ‘lapp fillet’ and ‘tee fillet’ joints.
Work on construction sites without being a risk to themselves or to others. Note: As an 8 hour duration within one day, is a mandatory requirement to complete this Safepass module, it is important that the training centre?s extend their day to 8 hours in order to accommodate this requirement.
Cut M.S. plate using a mobile oxy acetylene cutting station, a pantagraph cutter, guillotine Bend M.S. plate using a brake press. Roll M.S. plate using power rolls. Cut and shape M.S. steel using hand tools. Drill counter sink and counter bore M.S. plate. Tap and thread mild steel. Assemble fabricated items.
Plan and achieve realistic work goals.
Demonstrate a broad range of occupational competencies in a real work environment.
To provide trainees with the skill and knowledge which will enable them to use oxy-acetylene cutting equipment to cut mild steel plate of various thickness.
Use engineering hard tools and equipment to mark, cut out and shape mild steel; to drill, counter sink, counter bore, tap and thread mild steel.
State and interpret welding procedures and standards, explain welding responsibility with regard to third party safety; explain the causes of common welding defects and methods of prevention.