Dry Lining

274726 –  Dry Lining Programme Aim This qualification is for you if you wish to work as a dry liner in the construction industry. Dry lining is the fitting of plaster board or other board material to finish walls and ceilings, in place of the more traditional plastering. Many modern domestic and commercial properties will be finished with dry lining instead of … Read More

Engineering Skills Traineeship

274720 –  Engineering Skills Traineeship Programme Aim This traineeship will enable learners to develop knowledge, skills and competence in the area of Engineering within classroom/workshop and workplace environment, and work independently under supervision in a range of key areas in the Engineering sector. This programme combines directed off-the-job training (classroom/workshop based learning) and on-the-job training (work-based learning) delivered in a host company. … Read More


274930 –  Welding/Fabrication Programme Aim The aim of the course is to provide the trainees with the skills and related knowledge in fabrication – basic skills, manual metal arc welding, oxy-acetylene welding, MIG welding and to develop their attitudes, personal effectiveness and job seeking skills which will enable them to obtain employment as welders/fabricators. Entry Requirements Education: Junior Certificate standard or its equivalent. … Read More